About Us

We are a cloud-based software company founded in early 2020. We have developed a state-of-the-art Punch List solution that gives our users an insanely easy way to capture a wealth of data from the site and create a professional punch list document.

Over the last two decades, the communication technologies dedicated to construction and the entire building lifecycle along with VR/AR innovations have drastically improved. Consumer-priced 360° cameras are now commercialized and are widely available at popular retail stores. Significant advances in computer vision technology inspired us to come up with a streamlined way of building site reports instantaneously. As veterans of the AR & VR industry, we want to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity and revolutionize how everyone communicates about physical locations.

Our team has a seasoned expertise utilizing computational geometry, computer vision technology, 3D scanning, 3D printing and the cloud platform. Our founders are global pioneers in the fields of 3D scan data processing software and cloud-based 3D applications. We are most fortunate we can provide this user-friendly cutting-edge solution and help professional communicate exhaustively about their job site and document construction sites far more efficiently than ever before.

We are committed to realizing our ambitious dreams. We are working hard to develop solutions that work for people, and the best is yet to come.