Lydul + Procore

Post your punch lists directly to Procore

The Lydul integration with Procore helps de-densify construction jobsites by offering new collaboration tools for architecture, engineering, and construction professionals

An easy to deploy field reporting platform. Document your jobsite with our simple to use mobile app, then collaborate by sharing a variety of information related to the built-world lifecycle, all through a single platform

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Reduce Site visits: Keep your team productive. Lydul enables you to virtually inspect the project, annotate, and even request measurements from the safety of your home.
Track Progress:Know when and how work is getting done. Remotely monitor conditions at your project jobsite by comparing multiple Punch Lists across different dates.
Reduce Rework: Catch and resolve costly mistakes before they happen. Lydul enables advanced collaboration between all stakeholders to keep everyone updated.
Prevent Disputes: Avoid finger pointing when problems arise. Lydul's annotations intuitively organized by location provide a historical snap-shot log of your jobsite.
Supporting every stage of the building lifecycle.
DesignSupporting Every Stage of a Building’s Lifecycle.
Field Operations:Whether punching weekly or as needed, our reports enable project managers, superintendents, sub-contractors, designers, and owners to reduce miscommunication, and close out issues and RFIs 3x faster, all with minimal jobsite visits.
Handover: The collection of reports made throughout a project’s lifespan forms a comprehensive record of its construction history. Use this record to ensure transparency from commissioning to handover, all while protecting yourself from legal challenges.