Lydul + QuickBooks

Create Inspection reports and estimates, and upload them directly to QuickBooks

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The Lydul platform lets you create pro inspection reports on the go, collaborate with your team to track task completion, conduct contractor site-walks, capture signatures, and more!

With the QuickBooks integration, you can now upload estimates and inspection reports to QuickBooks directly to track payments and accounting!

Comprehensive reports: Keep your team productive. Lydul enables you to create thorough inspection documents with estimates.
Track Progress:Know when and how work is getting done. Remotely monitor conditions at your project jobsite by comparing multiple Punch Lists across different dates.
Upload estimates to QuickBooks: The simple QuickBooks integration lets you synchronize all your Lydul documents with QuickBooks.


Frequently asked questions

How can I connect Lydul and QuickBooks?
Please download the app (iOS only) first by clicking the 'get started' button on the home page. Then, in 'Account' > 'Connect to QuickBooks' follow the connection workflow.
How can I disconnect Lydul and QuickBooks?
In the app, go to 'Account', then click the 'Disconnect from QuickBooks' button.
What if I can't get the integration to work?
Please contact us directly at, and we will assist you promptly.