“Managing QA/QC has just gotten a lot simpler!”

How Lydul helped GCC Restoration deliver a new project in Portland, OR.

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A bit about the company:

“We use only the highest quality siding and weatherproofing products.”

GCC Restoration is a siding and waterproofing expert, providing services for deck and patio covers, windows, doors, gutters and downspouts. The firm operates mainly in the greater portland metro area, and just started taking on new projects in New Mexico, to follow a customer expanding in Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

“Keeping track of progress across so many buildings is tough.”

Byron Kephart – Project manager and documentation specialist

The Problem:

GCC Renovation undertook the renovation of sidings at an apartment building community – a multi-family building providing a mix of one- and two-bedroom units – north east of Portland, OR.

On a typical day, Byron Kephart, the project manager in charge of the renovation, would answer phone calls back to back from crews asking questions, needing change orders, or just ordering more material. “At some point I was voiceless… literally… I lost my voice!” remembers Byron. 

With Matt and Dan – 2 other project managers at GCC Renovation – keeping track of progress on an ever evolving project was hard. With so many buildings and the need to delivery only the highest waterproofing quality, the team had to come up with a solution to better organize their QA/QC process.

“The team had to come up with a solution to better organize their QA/QC process.”

Lydul simplifies communication

Shared punch lists in Lydul let collaborators jot down reminders quickly, add photos (sometimes months later!), and track status of tasks together… 

The Solution:

“Photos are so helpful to get things fixed”

Byron Kephart worked on the delivery team at Safeway before joining GCC Restoration. So when the team had to find an app to track tasks and proof completion, Byron knew he could find the right tools on the app store.

After testing a few apps and looping in Matt and Dan in the evaluation, the cloud collaboration features offered by Lydul, combined with the unlimited amount of photos and videos that could be uploaded per item, made it clearly the best option.

Implementing the solution:
Given the sheer number of properties that were being renovated, Matt, Dan, and Byron split the inspection work evenly between them, collaboratively adding tasks and issues to one single shared inspection report.

Printing Punch Lists

PDFs are entirely customizable, from photo size, to themes and front cover. Managers can also chose to add QR Codes for crews to provide updates directly online without downloading an app.  


A day with Lydul is a day with less phone calls, less mistakes, clearer instructions, and more peace of mind. The app makes even the smallest detail bear its importance, and helps GCC Renovation deliver the high quality needed for sidings and waterproofing during the rainy months of winter. 

Lydul makes Byron’s team’s day easier to go by. Makes even the smallest detail look important, and thus helps deliver the high quality standard that GCC has to deliver, given how important the job is, and how high consequences there could be if he fails.

Are you interested in joining us on Lydul? If leveling up with competitors, improving transparency with clients, and saving time and money sounds appealing, then Lydul is the app you need. Download Lydul now and you’ll know where your company stands in real time at any moment!

“Thanks to Lydul, we deliver high quality sidings and waterproofing!”

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