“We deliver detail-oriented landscape services with Lydul.”​

How Lydul helps Landcare Logic deliver 100% customer satisfaction.​

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“We are proud to provide 100% satisfaction on all our services.”​​

Landcare logic offers top-of-the-line commercial and residential landscaping services to San Diego, Orange & Riverside Counties, California. A local, family-owned business, Landcare Logic is spearheading the industry to deliver effective water management and conservation in drought-affected California. 

With clients like the San Diego Padres Baseball Park, and top commercial real estate management companies, Landcare Logic is proud to provide 100% satisfaction on all their services.

The Problem:

Todd McNaughton, Senior Account Manager, explains that “turning your outdoor space into a plush living area, or providing a welcoming space for your summer vacation, requires both personalized care and greater attention to detail”. But keeping crews and subcontractors highly focused on loads of landscape details proves challenging. 

As the need to conserve water in southern California intensifies, effective water management is now not just a duty but a mandate. The company’s list of customers is swelling, putting pressure on managers like Todd McNaughton to deliver more sites while maintaining the company’s high standards of service.

“Turning your outdoor space into a plush living area […] requires both personalized care and greater attention to detail​​”

“Getting a clean PDF with large photos makes every detail matter”​

Todd McNaughton – Senior Account Manager

The Solution:

“Tracking even the smallest detail in Lydul is super easy”​

Landcare Logic turned to Lydul to address this issue. As professional Landscapers of Landcare Logic walk their sites, they often notice small issues, or details of the landscape that don’t meet their high quality standards. Todd explains that “snapping photos or videos and creating tasks in Lydul is so fast, and requires so few buttons, that it makes tracking even the smallest detail super easy”.

Once the inspection is completed, and as they head back to their cars, managers review the tasks on the go, reorder the priorities, and export the list as a professional PDF fully customized with their company’s branding. And thanks to QR Codes embedded on the paper PDFs, the videos can be easily viewed from any device. 

“Getting a clean PDF with large photos makes every detail look important” explains Todd, “so our crews are very thorough in their work, and this is how we deliver 100% customer satisfaction”.

Punch Lists export as PDF​

PDFs are entirely customizable, from photo size, to themes and front cover. Managers can also chose to add QR Codes for crews to provide updates directly online without downloading an app.  


By using modern technology and advanced knowledge, Landcare Logic is changing the way landscaping services are delivered. With innovative landscaping solutions and excellent delivery systems, the company delivers complete care and 100% satisfaction on all their services

Everyone benefits from joining their peers on Lydul – admin, managers, technicians, business developers, and clients. Lydul users report spending less time looking for information, get clearer communication and avoid mistakes, and get more time focusing on the actual work. 

Are you interested in joining us on Lydul? If leveling up with competitors, improving transparency with clients, and saving time and money sounds appealing, then Lydul is the app you need. Download Lydul now and you’ll know where your company stands in real time at any moment!

“Lydul turns tedious work into an exciting team work.”​

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