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How Lydul helps SM Company coordinate material deliveries across entire job sites.

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A bit about the company:

“We make sure subcontractors have the right material at the right location.”

SM Company operates in Montreal, Canada, and is a construction firm specialized in handling materials on job sites. Sufiyan Master, CEO & Founder of SM Company, explains that “Our aim from the very beginning was to allow general contractors to take on more projects, to increase their productivity, while delegating us the work of delivering, receiving and transporting materials to and from job sites”.

On job sites where SM Company operates, subcontractors can focus on their expertise, with the right material always available in the right location. The team even takes care of keeping the job site clean to avoid injuries and keeping the contractors focused.

The Problem:

Sufiyan and Saad were faced with complexe instructions for every new job. From the scope of work that could include both pick-up and reception of materials, or just simple transportation, to the delivery of materials on busy job sites, with unmarked rooms and levels. 

To stay competitive and deliver outstanding service, Sufiyan’s team knew they had to maintain clear communication. But Sufiyan recalls that “after getting approximate instructions over email, SMS, or phone calls, I had to brief my team, and then together find our way to the different delivery locations on a job site. This process would put us at risk of making mistakes, and was not scalable in any form”.

Once a job was completed, General Contractors had little visibility on the quality of service delivered by SM Company, as just-in-time delivery meant materials were used within the same day, if not the same hour. The team needed a better way to document its work too!

“The process was not scalable and put us at risk of making mistakes”

Lydul’s Shared Punch Lists

SM Company centralizes instructions, Progress, and proof of completion all in one document shared with all stakeholders. 

The Solution:

“We capture short videos to document the deliveries at the right locations”

Sufiyan started scheduling jobs in Lydul in the first half of 2022, creating jobs with lists of precise tasks and unlimited photos to illustrate the instructions. Material handling would also be tracked within each task.

Sharing the jobs in real time with the entire team was seamless, and quickly the team was able to coordinate itself, gaining in efficiency instantly. [Name of a technician from the team] explains that “now we also capture short videos after each delivery to document the work we just completed. This helps to show our work to the clients, and makes the payment process more reliable”. SM Company now systematically provides a complete report of work accomplished for each job. 

Sufiyan Master recalls that “Thanks to Lydul, I no longer have this imperative pressure to be on every job site, with every single team, to perform hand holding. I just have to open up my app and see who is doing what according to photos from technicians and clients”.


As explained by SM Company, Lydul makes it possible to remotely coordinate various teams working on dynamic job sites with ever changing instructions. By simplifying the use of photos and videos, field crews, managers, and clients can all be on the same page in real time. 

Everyone benefits from joining their peers on Lydul – admin, managers, technicians, business developers, and clients. Lydul users report spending less time looking for information, get clearer communication and avoid mistakes, and get more time focusing on the actual work. 

Are you interested in joining us on Lydul? If winning more jobs, improving transparency with clients, and saving time matters to you, then Lydul is the app you need. Download Lydul now and you’ll know where your company stands in real time at any moment!

“We’re on the same page in real time with Lydul.”

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