How the top 1% contractors manage their jobs

Top professionals in construction, operation, and maintenance of properties succeed thanks to great client relationships that drive word-of-mouth, and by helping field-workers focus on their work.

Now, this is easier said than done. As the day goes by, customers often multiply side requests, complain about details of work already completed, or change their mind. Most of the work gets scheduled only few days in advance, leaving managers with a need for extreme agility in the face of ever changing priorities.

This is how the Lydul platform was designed. Lydul can help you manage 2x the tasks in half the time, half the phone calls, and save you 1h less driving per day

Check out this video to learn more.

Let’s now see how Lydul can help your business improve productivity:

Why you should use collaborative punch lists …

Well crafted punch lists establish a standard among all stakeholders to start your project on the right foot. Your punch lists will ensure everyone is on the same page and knows what needs to be done at every stage of the project.

Collaborative punch lists push the user experience one step further, by offering the agility and fluidity – yet simplicity – of modern technology. Punch lists created with a tool like Lydul for example stay organized and well structured no matter how many stakeholders – tech-savvy or not – start logging work updates, with photos and notes of all kinds. At Lydul, punch lists with over 1000 photos, 30 back & forth comments, and >15 contributors are the most common.

Lydul helps you look more professional. With PDF designed by top 1% designers in the US, you can offer customers a consolidated experience

… combined with client’s service desks

The best managers in construction are not hired by their ability to report to upper management, but by their skills at keeping contractors happy.

Therefore, the secret to success is to focus on relationships, a lot more than tasks or schedule. Know your team, and they will keep you in the loop, delivering their best work. Care for your customers, and they’ll trust you. Offer transparency to your peers, and provide professional in depth reports in a matter of minutes, and everyone will want to work with you.

We designed Lydul as a people-first platform. Head to the “Teams” tab to break down all the tasks in your punch list by people on your team. The app improves your productivity and helps you stay on top of your daily tasks, while capturing thousands of photos per day, every day. Lydul is simple and intuitive right away.

Collaborative punch lists helps you provide better customer support. Tracking anything small details effortlessly.


Does capturing 1500 photos in an afternoon, consolidating them into tasks, assigning them, distributing them to different sets of workers sound familiar? Then we can help.

Lydul is a platform to manage all your punch lists, all your tasks, and all your teams. We are committed to the success of our customers. Please reach out at to learn more!

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