“With Lydul, we deliver the quality valued by our customers.”​

How Lydul helps managers at an electrical contracting firm deliver safe and secure homes.​

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“We offer outstanding services to ensure your home is safe and secure.”​

Azra Gilmore, manager of operations at IES Residential Grapevine, and his team have been offering a wide range of services focused on residential properties services and standby generator installations. 

IES Grapevine – the local branch of IES Residential, includes services such as security and fire alarm systems installation and monitoring.

“Lydul helps us deliver high quality work, and maintain our high standards.”​

Azra Gilmore – Manager of Operations at IES Residential

The Problem:

In early 2022, IES Residential was looking to completely overhaul its QA/QC process, especially as the existing tech stack was too complex for field crews to adopt.

The challenge was to find a QA/QC solution that would be advanced enough to streamline collaboration, but usable by everybody in the field – from crew members in their 20’s or in their 60’s!

“The challenge is to find a QA/QC solution that is usable by everybody in the field”​

Lydul’s Online Punch Lists​

It all started when Azra Gilmore, manager of operations at IES Residential, created his first punch list. 

The Solution:

“Photos are so helpful to get things fixed”​

Azra Gilmore, manager of operations at IES Residential, explains that in every house, for every job, different tasks must be completed, and different issues have to get fixed. So every time the crews are done wiring the house, managers use Lydul to create a punch list about things missed by the crews.

“The punch lists are then printed” explains Azra, “and crews drop them on the kitchen island for example, then go fix a few items and run back to the island to check things off the list”. At the end of the day, IES managers get back the list marked with ink to make sure everything has been completed. “Photos are so helpful to get things fixed” explains Christian, technician at IES Residential.

Printing Punch Lists

PDFs are entirely customizable, from photo size, to themes and front cover. Managers can also chose to add QR Codes for crews to provide updates directly online without downloading an app.  


By using modern technology and advanced knowledge, the team at IES Grapevine has improved their QA/QC process. With innovative solutions and excellent delivery systems, the company delivers 100% satisfaction on all their services

Everyone benefits from joining their peers on Lydul – admin, managers, technicians, business developers, and clients. Lydul users report spending less time looking for information, get clearer communication and avoid mistakes, and get more time focusing on the actual work. 

Are you interested in joining us on Lydul? If leveling up with competitors, improving transparency with clients, and saving time and money sounds appealing, then Lydul is the app you need. Download Lydul now and you’ll know where your company stands in real time at any moment!

“Thanks to Lydul, we deliver 100% satisfaction on all our services.”​

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