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How Lydul helps JR Services Pro schedule jobs and track progress virtually.​

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A bit about the company:

“We strive for excellence, providing high quality, professional services.”​

JR Services Pro specializes in indoor and outdoor services. According to Rodrigo Silva, CEO and founder, the company’s projects “include anything from fence repairs to pressure washing and gutter or drainage solutions. Indoor services are more focused on painting, cabinet installations, plumbing and electrical repairs or installations”.

“We save hours of phone calls by simplifying the way jobs are scheduled with unlimited photos and videos.”​

Rodrigo Silva – CEO & Owner of JR Services Pro

The Problem:

Rodrigo Silva explains that “JRServices faced a difficult situation back in 2021, when Luis Borquez, Rodrigo’s right hand, was stuck away from Florida in the middle of the pandemic. Writing things down manually, relying on phone calls and whatsapp groups to manage part of the company remotely proved more and more difficult.” 

Luis recalls that “scheduling jobs with managers was inefficient, and tracking progress proved difficult too”.

The team started to look for ways to improve processes while keeping things simple. Job details had to be passed seamlessly from clients to managers and then technicians. Improving visibility for everyone’s schedule was a priority, as well as keeping track of progress on all jobs.

“Scheduling jobs between managers was inefficient, and tracking progress proved difficult too.”​

The Solution:

“JR Services Pro strives for excellence, providing high quality, professional services.”​

JR Services Pro started using Lydul around that time. Luis recalls that “Initially, [JR Services Pro was] only relying on folders of To Do Lists to provide clear instruction about each job, with unlimited photos and videos. Each To Do list was then shared to their respective managers. Local crews would then add progress photos, and update the status of their tasks.”

Joe Santos, Project Manager at JR Services Pro, also notes how easy it was to “invite subcontractors – like ADG or Genesis Pro Services – that are not necessarily part of the company into Lydul, and how quickly they jumped onboard.”

Over the summer of 2022, Rodrigo Silva and Luis Borquez decided they wanted to take operations to the next level. “We just started to fill in the start and finish dates of our jobs” remembers Luis “and Lydul would organize work automatically per week and months, as well as show us a breakdown of the workload on each of the managers and technicians”.

Delivering 100% Customer Satisfaction​

Punch Lists are shared across the entire company with Lydul, so everyone can be on the same page. 


As explained by JR Services Pro, Lydul struck the right balance between keeping things simple, while working more efficiently, and with more visibility. 

Everyone benefits from joining their peers on Lydul – admin, managers, technicians, business developers, and clients. Lydul users report spending less time looking for information, get clearer communication and avoid mistakes, and get more time focusing on the actual work. 

Are you interested in joining us on Lydul? If leveling up with competitors, improving transparency with clients, and saving time and money sounds appealing, then Lydul is the app you need. Download Lydul now and you’ll know where your company stands in real time at any moment!

“Everyone benefits from using Lydul.”​

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